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History of Center

the First International Seminar on Woman’s mental disease, Rome June,1988

1988, Women’s Mental Health: Risk Factors in Female Mental Illness


1988, Treatment of mental disorsers for female patients


1994, Report to the European Commissionon Women’s Mental Health


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Report on Italy Health


Gender bias in research and clinical practice in Italy ,

Berlin, 2001



Strategies  for implementing gender  based analysis in mental health field ,

Berlin, 2001

The Centre for Woman’s Mental Health is part of the Italian Public Health Care System, whose local extension, called Local Health Unit Naples  "Azienda Sanitaria Locale Napoli 1 " (ASL Na 1), is situated in Naples.


The Centre for Woman’s Mental Health is part of the Mental Health System in the Health District in Naples with Dr. Elvira Reale, psychologist, as director.


The staff of Centre is composed by: 

2 psychologists, 2 psychiatrists, 2 medical doctors, 3 nurses, 2 sociologists, 4 psychologists in training



1. The Mental Health System in ASL Naples 1


The country of Naples has 1.080.000 inhabitants. The Mental Health System includes:

- 10 Mental Health Services, Ambulatory Centres;

- Psychiatric Beds in three General Hospitals and two University Medical Departments;

- 5 Clinical Psychological Centre with 25 psychologists;

- 1 Centre for Woman’s Mental Health.


2. The functions of Woman’s Mental Health Centre


A. Clinical Activities

The Centre "Women’s Mental Health Prevention" (WMHPC) regards psychological aid with an office for women and adolescents, study, research and training about prevention and control of illness factors.

WMHPC has been in action since 1978. Our Centre has been working since 22 years in application of the national law n.° 180, issued on 1978, which declared psychiatric hospitals to be closed.

Every year an average of 250 - 300 women and 100 adolescents (mainly girls) comes to the Centre for mental, stress and life-conditions problems.


 B. Researching Activities

Besides the clinical activities, shown later on in the updated report section, our Centre has been collaborating (from 1981 to 1998) at the C. N. R. (Italian National Research Council) activities, as a "Research Operative Unit", carrying on a productive researching experience, at institutional level, upon depression and stress in women’s daily life and publishing several books and articles.


As researches results, we published the following books and magazine articles:

Malattia mentale e ruolo della donna (Mental disease and woman role). Edit by Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Roma 1981.

Manuale per l’Intervento sul disagio psichico della donna (Guidebook for activities about women psychic disease), CNR, Roma 1987.

Mental Health Service and Female Psychiatric Disorders: the Experience of Women’s Mental Health Service in Naples, Italy in Journal of the Norwegian Psychological Association, vol. 24, n.9, 1987.

Acts of the First International Seminar on Woman’s mental disease, CNR Project: "Medicina Preventiva e Riabilitativa", Roma 1989.

La Santè de femmes lieè a la violence, in "Actes du Colloque sur la Violence à l’égard des Femmes", Département de Justice e Police, Boureau de l’Egalité des Droits entre Homme et Femme, Généve 1989.

Women’s Mental Health: Risk Factors in Female Mental Illness, in "Feminist Diagnosis and Therapy" Acta of International Congress on Mental Health Care for Women, Amsterdam 199

The Mental Health Consequences of Violence and the Responses of the Health Sector, in WHO " European Strategies to Combat Violence Against Women" Copenhagen 1997.

Stress e vita quotidiana della donna: un’indagine sperimentale sui rischi di malattia (stress and women daily life: an experimental study about pathology risks) CNR, Roma 1998.


C. Training Activities

WMHPC carries on an activity regarding information and training in the schools for teachers, parents and students; in the social and medical services for general practitioners, psychologists, nurses, psychiatrists and social workers.

We organize and teach at seminars on women mental health problems, either in Italy or several other European cities such as Geneva, Liege, Brussels, Oslo, and Utrecht.

We’ve organized the 1° International Seminar about women’s psychic disorders, with collaboration of European countries (France, Spain, Yugoslavia, England, Belgium, Germany, Norway and Denmark) and extra-European countries (Maroc, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, Chili), which took place in Rome, in 1989.


D.  Consultant and Networking Activities

We collaborated with European Regional Council of the "World Federation for Mental Health" at the project "European Study of Good Practice in Mental Health Care for Women"

We also participated as "independent expert" in the European Commission for the organization of European Programs 

We co-operated with World Health Organization (WHO) 

We are collaborating in three network activities:

Network activities to fight and prevent sexual violence, with the "Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunities" and the "European Community" (Urban Project).


Partnership with the EWHNET, European Women Health Network;

Network activities on gender oriented researching, We’ve set up the network "Objective 2001: for a health made to measure women's needs (a women friendly health)" at the Ministry of Equal Opportunities


Stress and women's everyday life.

Experimental research on psychological and social risk factors in female prevalent pathologies: depression, hypertension, breast cancer.


Depression in women:
stress and family




Report to Meeting WHO
Women's Mental   Health - Priorities and Services


 7 April 2001

Declaration for    women's mental health day 



Recommendations and guide lines for integrating  Female Gender perspective into:   research, training, services and treatment of mental illness





New perspectivE

for women's health studies in italy 


Objective 2003: for an health designed for woman (a women friendly health) 



 2006, June 26th-28th

European Conference "Well Being as a Social Gendered process". University of Modena, Faculty of Economics,

E. Reale,

A Gender Perspective on Women's Health




Barcelona, 13-15 September 2007.

"European Conference on mental health promotion and

mental disorder prevention”, IMHPA - Implementing Mental Health Promotion Action,


Gender perspective in mental health: prevention of new risk factors in women daily life

E. Reale, V. Sardelli, B. D'avanzo

Paper, Slides   and  Poster





Violence against women:



Les violences comme facteurs de risque pour la santé mentale





The Mental Health Consequences of Violence and the Responses of the Health Sector

in WHO " European Strategies to Combat Violence Against Women" Copenhagen 1997.