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Director: Dr. E. Reale

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Dr Elvira Reale, born in Naples on 7. 2. 1947. Doctor in Philosophy (1969) and Psychology (1980)

Responsible of “Women’s  Mental Health Prevention Centre” at the Health District of Naples,  since 1980

Responsible for the “ Research Operative Unit” of CNR (Italian National Council of Research) of three Finalised Projects: “Preventive Medicine”, “Preventive and Rehabilitative Medicine”,  Prevention and Control of Illness Factors”, since 1982 to 1997.


Consultant Activities:

Collaboration with European Regional Council of the “World Federation for Mental Health” at the project “European Study of Good Practice in Mental Health Care for Women”

Independent Expert in the “European Commission” for the organisation of European Programs concerning “Psychic Disorders Prevention “,  in Luxembourg, 1994.

Co-operation with World Health Organisation (WHO) in the project for “Prevention of psychological consequences  in sexual violence against women”. 1997-2001

Co-ordinator of National Network activities on gender oriented researching, at the Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunities, 2001-2003.

Co-ordinator of Regional Network activities on gender oriented researching, 2003-2006.


Books and magazine articles:

Malattia mentale e ruolo della donna (Mental Disease and Woman’s Social Role). Edited by Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Rome 1982.

Manuale per l’Intervento sul disagio psichico della donna (Guidebook for activities about women’s mental disease). Italian National Research Council (CNR), Rome 1988.

Mental Health Service and Female Psychiatric Disorders: the Experience of Women’s Mental Health Service in Naples, Italy in Journal of the Norwegian Psychological Association, vol. 24, n.9, 1987.

 Acta of the First International Seminar on Woman’s mental disease . Italian National Research Council Project: “Preventive and Rehabilitative MedicineRome 1989;

The Mental Health Consequences of Violence and the Responses of the Health Sector, in WHO “ European Strategies to Combat Violence Against Women” Copenhagen 1997.

Stress e vita quotidiana della donna: un’indagine sperimentale sui rischi di malattia (Stress and Women Daily Life: an Experimental Study of Pathology Risks). Italian National Research Council, Rome 1998.

Maschio e femmina: i principali fattori di rischio nell’adolescenza ( Male and Female: the Main Factors Risk in Adolescence)