Director: E. Reale


If you want participate, contact us and send us your curriculum and a brief report of your work in the women's mental health field.



Proposal Project for a new International Network

The Aims of the project are:

-                     to develop the prevention strategies to cope with mental diseases in women;

-                     to implement health workers' training;

-                     to identify in women the lifestyles correlated to well-being;

-                     to organise the exchange of information and experience between the Member states;

-                     to develop criteria and indicators for good practice which "gender oriented and without    gender prejudices" in mental health and to disseminate them;

-                     to develop   a specific European net-work on women's mental health.


The steps of project are:

1.                      promoting implementation of working-group on mental Health by the participation of Professionals (Services and Universities) and Associations (women and consumers) of different countries  and  creating of a specific structure.

2.                      collecting data on current practices in prevention and treatments for the most common problems among women: anxiety, depression, eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia); analysing the case-study for representing new types of diagnosis and causes of diseases; collecting data on the common  models of good practice.

3.                      Collecting results of Gender based research on main mental health factors risks in women and collecting the most common indications on risk factors in daily life of women aged 15-44 years.

4.                      Defining common Guide lines and Recommendations able to promote women mental health:

        guidelines for medical and psychological treatment and prevention addressed to health professionals and medical institutions;

        guidelines for primary prevention addressed to social context, women consumers, women's associations;

        recommendations for political Institutions and Governments.


5.       Organizing  a web-site in order to inform women on gender based topics in mental health, on mental health primary prevention and on alternative medical treatments.